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Summer Enrichment Programs!

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Our summer enrichment programs are designed by our Occupational and Speech Therapists. These therapeutic sessions will enhance your child's learning ability, language development, sensory motor skills, fine motor skills and much more!  The curriculum is geared towards 2 groups; younger children, and older children, with a low therapist to child ratio. Read about our different programs below!

2020 Session Dates to be Announced

10% sibling discount

15% discount when enrolled in 2 classes

$50.00 deposit required to enroll. Deposit applied to cost of class. 

To enroll, call us at 916-273-3389, or email us at

Classes will take place at Ms. Rose's TheraPlace located at

11151 Sun Center Drive Suite C

Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

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Preschool Prep (PreK)

Dates and times TBA

4 students per group


Get your child ready for Pre-School! In this group, your child will engage in therapist selected activities that will develop your child’s

  • pre-writing skills

  • hand dominance

  • sensory motor skills for body awareness and the wiggles

  • language development in the areas of vocabulary, phonological awareness and listening comprehension

  • and expand your child’s social skills, such as turn taking and active listening.


Caregivers bring a snack for your child. 

Cost: $300.00

Introductory discount: $275.00 per week

Little Learners.jpg

Little Learners (TK/K)

Dates and times TBA

5 students per group

Give your child increased self-confidence with an exciting program focused on TK and Kindergarten readiness. Your child will participate in a variety of fun activities to boost his/her

  • receptive and expressive language skills,

  • enhance their pre-academic proficiency

  • develop their sensory motor skills

  • fine motor and eye hand coordination skills to improve handwriting skills.  

  • early literacy, vocabulary, categorization, phonological awareness, and listening comprehension.

Cost: $260.00  per week

Sensory Squad Integration.jpg
Sensory Squad (OT)

Dates and times TBA

4 students per squad

This sensory enrichment group is tailored for the child who is

  • always on-the-go

  • has trouble staying focused

  • needs help with coordinating his/her body to do every day activities, such as riding a bike or tying shoe laces.  

Through a set of specifically sequenced sensory motor activities, your child will develop coordination skills, improved body awareness and sensory processing abilities.

Cost: $220.00 per week

CommuniKids (1st/2nd grade level)  

Dates and times TBA

5 students per group

Challenge your first or second grade child in this language enriching program

  • to improve his/her receptive and expressive language skills

  • deepen the understanding of vocabulary and higher-level basic concepts

  • improve listening comprehension, sentence constructions

  • answering HOTS questions (Higher Order Thinking questions).  

Embedded in these activities will be the opportunity to strengthen age appropriate social skills.

Cost: $220.00 per week 

Handwriting Champs
Dates and times TBA

3 students per group

Your child will participate in a variety of fun, multi-sensory activities that will promote letter formation.

Your child will develop:

·       upright sitting posture

·       more efficient pencil grasp

·       fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination

·       improved handwriting legibility.

Cost: $240.00 for 4 sessions.