Our workshops are presented  by experienced Pediatric Occupational and Speech Therapists with specialized training and certification in Sensory Integration, Attachment and Childhood Trauma, SOS feeding techniques, language development and much more.

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Articulation: Making Sense of Speech Sounds
Feb 20, 2020, 6:30 PM
Ms. Rose's TheraPlace
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Past Workshops

This is a great introduction for family members or friends who have little to no knowledge about Autism.  It is a 2-hour interactive presentation, geared towards teens and adults.  This may also be beneficial to aides or substitute aides who work in special education classrooms, as well as community members who want to have a basic understanding about Autism.  Participants will learn:
  • About Autism
  • The strengths and weaknesses of people with Autism
  • Take a “peek into the world of Autism” by participating in activities that simulate some typical experiences people with Autism have
  • Practical strategies and responses to use to facilitate a successful interaction with a person with Autism

This is a fun and interactive workshop geared towards pre-school teachers.  It is a 2-hour presentation including lecture and workstations.  The material focuses on helping children regulate their nervous systems for increased attention, and strengthening fine motor skills, so children are ultimately Ready To Write!  Attendees will learn:


  • Incorporate fine motor and sensory motor activities into the school curriculum


  • How to create budget-friendly activities that develop pre-writing skills without using paper and pencil