Individual and Group Feeding Therapy

Food, Fun & Friends Therapy Group

Calling all picky eaters! This group was specifically designed for children ages 2-5 years old. Activities will encourage your child’s ability to explore new food groups, textures and promote engagement with food through sensory play.  Your child will develop the oral motor, behavioral, and sensory processing necessary skills for eating.


This group is specifically designed for children:


  • with significant behavior challenges or meltdowns at meals

  • who eat less than 20 foods

  • have sever overreaction to smells, tastes, or colors of foods

  • who are unable to tolerate new foods on plate

  • who refuses entire categories of foods

  • who have failure to thrive or weight gain challenges

  • with low oral muscle tone or weak oral motor skills

  • have trouble transitioning between food stages (e.g. purees to solids, or textured)

Intake assessment will be used by our therapists to decide appropriateness of feeding group.

Small groups of 3-5 children per group depending on developmental level.

Consists of 8 weekly treatment sessions. The next feeding group session will begin April 10th.


Individual Feeding Therapy

The Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) is an approach that focuses on developing toddlers sensory processing abilities and oral motor skills needed to eat a wide variety of food groups and textures. Individual feeding therapy is provided by a therapist trained in Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) therapy. Feeding goals are developed based on an “Eating Hierarchy.” This feeding therapy model addresses the steps that lead to your child’s ability to eat. These steps progress from tolerating looking at foods at closer distances, to interacting with them, to touching food, then to tasting the food. The goals for SOS feeding are developed to progress your child through the steps of this hierarchy.

Individual feeding therapy can begin at any point in time.  



Let us help you make meal time enjoyable!

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