Getting Started

We know the process of getting your child some extra help can be overwhelming and stressful, that's why at Ms. Rose's TheraPlace, we do our best to help you every step of the way. 

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Step 1: Referral

You, a doctor, teacher, relative, or another adult is concerned about your child's development. Visit our services section to see the types of services we provide and our Who We Treat page. 

    Get a doctor's referral for a therapy evaluation and            ongoing treatment. 

    Send the referral to our office by fax (916-930-6475)

    or in person. 

Step 2: Payment Options

Visit our Payment Options page to see what insurance companies we work with. We are happy to work with you as an out-of-network provider as well.

We also accept self-payments and offer a pre-payment discount for 5 or more sessions.

Step 3: Intake Forms

All new patients are required to complete several intake forms, including child background information.


    Click here to download some of our forms to get a head start on the process. 

Step 4: Evaluation

Step 5: Scheduling

Step 6: Treatment Plan

One of our experienced pediatric therapists will conduct an evaluation based on your concerns. This is when the therapist will determine if ongoing therapy is needed. If ongoing therapy is recommended, the therapist will work with you to create goals for your child to achieve. 

You will continue to work with our office staff to schedule time for your child to receive ongoing treatment from our therapists.

Based on the evaluation, our therapist will develop a custom treatment plan for your child and his or her specific areas of concern. 

Step 7: Treatment

Our therapist will work with your child on a consistent basis to reach the goals outlined in the treatment plan. Each session is usually 50 minutes of one on one time with the therapist and 10 minutes of discussion with the child's parent or guardian. 

Step 8: Discharge

Ultimately the goal of therapy is independence. Once your child has reached his or her goals and you've been empowered with therapy strategies, one on one therapy is no longer needed. 

If you have any questions on the process please contact us at (916) 273-3389 or