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Get Ready to Learn 

Yoga Based Program

The foundation of a child’s academic success is largely contributed to their ability to maintain a regulated sensory state. Sensory regulation is the ability to remain modulated, focused, and attentive, as well as function naturally in everyday life while balancing constant sensory stimulation from their environment. Often a child without the ability to sensory regulate will present has hyperactive, inattentive, and disrespectful.

Children Meditating

Yoga and meditation has many scientifically proven benefits for adults as well as children. The Get Ready to Learn program is a DVD based program that uses various yoga poses and ends with a state of deep relaxation. One of our experienced therapists will visit your classroom beginning twice weekly to help implement the program. Sessions with our therapist will gradually decrease as your teacher(s) become comfortable enough to take the lead. 

After participation in the program, students will be able to differentiate between feeling calm and feeling tired. This allows them to accept a regulated sensory state as opposed to increasing their activity level to come out of what they perceived as a state of fatigue. Tested in real classrooms, other improvements seen in students include improved coordination, balance and motor skills. These abilities translate positively to improved writing function, following multiple step directions, attention, and decreased negative behaviors.  


The goal of the program is to provide a sense of confidence, accomplishment and joy in students, while preparing them for learning.

Staff Training/ In-Services

We offer 1 hour staff training sessions to day cares, preschools, and similar organizations. We know that you are the first educators to detect if a child is struggling in a learning environment. Other pre-schools have found these sessions useful and effective, and the techniques easy to implement in the classroom. These sessions will provide your staff with the tools and knowledge to work with children who may need some extra help.

Children who exhibit the following behaviors would greatly benefit from occupational and speech therapy: 

  • speech delays - hard to understand when they talk

  • poor social skills - use behaviors and meltdowns to communicate

  • fine motor skill delays - hold crayons using their fists rather than fingers

  • are always on the go - constantly moving, spinning, crashing into peers 

Kindergarten Guide

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