Losing our grip: More students entering school without fine motor skills

Great article on the growing number of students who are struggling with handwriting because they have difficulty with fine motor skills. The push for academics also plays a role in this. This is the main reason I created the "Ready to Write with Ms. Rose" workshop.

Here were some recommendations from the article:


Some skills critical for kindergarten readiness are simple to build at home. Try incorporating these activities into the daily routine:

• Work on tummy time.

This should start in infancy, but older kids can be encouraged to read or work on puzzles while lying on the floor.

• Raid the pantry.

Kitchen experiments like flour-based dough or homemade putty strengthen muscles in the hands and fingers.

Making bracelets by threading open-ended pasta, cereal loops or beads onto pipe cleaners.

• Play dress up.

Practice putting on coats and gloves, zipping up, snapping, buttoning and tying shoes.

• Play with scissors (with supervision).

An array of safety scissors are available for preschoolers, including some designed without metal edges that can cut only paper.

• Color in the lines.

Squeeze glitter glue over a line, fill in shapes with paint or use small, circular strokes to color an image.

Read the full article here.

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