October's Featured At Home Activity: Clothespin Letter Matching

This a great activity using clothespins and index cards. There are letters written on both the clothespins and cards. The goal is to match and secure the correct clothespin to each of the cards.

It is inexpensive and easy to make with supplies bought from almost any retail store. Simply write a letter on a clothespin and write the same letter on an index card. The child then works to find and secure the clothespin to the matching card.

This activity works on...

-finger and hand strengthening (squeezing the clothespin)

-fine motor skills (picking up the items, especially the cards from a flat surface and manipulating them)

-bilateral coordination (using one hand to hold the card and one hand to manage the clothespin)

-visual perceptual skills (finding the letters on the clothespin and/or the card and then finding the match

This activity also works on school prep with recognition of the alphabet. You can add some gross motor activity by having a kiddo do jumps or bear walks to get a specific letter and then come back to match it with a card. The letters can be adjusted to reflect lower case and/or upper case letters dependent on the child's needs.

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