Welcome to Ms. Rose's TheraPlace! 
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Ms. Rose’s TheraPlace is a therapist-owned, one of a kind,  pediatric practice based in Rancho Cordova California. It was created out of the growing need to support children with varying degrees of special needs, especially those with invisible disabilities who "slip through the cracks". The TheraPlace is an experience provided through individualized treatment of children with different needs, and through educating and empowering the adults and caregivers involved in the development of children with special needs.


Our therapists provide compassionate and comprehensive Occupational and Speech therapy to children ranging in age from newborns to teenagers.  We provide individualized therapy for your child at home, in the clinic, and at school. At Ms. Rose's TheraPlace, children come first, not their diagnoses. We emphasize an experience where families and teachers take away something new and practical to support their children's development. We are also culturally sensitive to the diverse Sacramento community. Our goal is to help children with a variety of needs to play, learn, and live!


Here's a creative way of working on developing sensory processing of touch with paint, while developing eye hand coordination. Amazing things happen here!

Developing hand strength for grasping.

Improving sensory processing abilities.

Developing eye hand coordination for scooping.

Sensory Motor Room

Improving bilateral coordination skills for cutting.

Developing visual perception skills for writing.

Developing tolerance for different sensory experiences.

Improving social skills to make friends.

Fine motor strengthening with theraputty for grasping.